Top 10 Best Ring Mehndi Designs for Eid and Diwali 2020

Applying the Mehndi on Eid and Diwali is an Asian culture and everyone wants to draw the Mehndi patterns on their hands. Most of the girls are searching for the simple Ring Mehndi designs to draw on Diwali,  Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha, because it gives the distinctive appearance .

If you want to look unique on these occasions, then you need to apply the simple Ring Mehndi designs on your fingers. The ring Mehndi design gives the awesome look to your hand. Draw the stunning pattern on your palm and then draw the rings on the fingers. This type of pattern gives you the stunning look on your hand on different occasions. Here below we discuss the some traditional and trendy Mehndi Ring Designs.

Engagement Ring Ceremony Mehndi Design 2020

Mehndi is an common art on Engagements, Wedding ceremony and jagga functions and the girls draw on their hands. Most of the girls draw the blooming flowers and leaves patrens on their hands. Draw the Ring Mehndi design is simple and most attractive style on engagement parties.

Best Designer Ring Style 2020

Most of the new generation girls love the simple Mehndi designs on their hands. So this type of Mehndi design seems cool and attractive. Here the tremendous ring mehndi design for the new generation girls to draw them on their hands. It is the simple bale and leave design with stunning layout of ring henna pattern.

Western Ring Mehndi Design 2020

Mehndi is the traditional art of Asia, but western countries also adopt it on many occasions. Here the simple western Ring Henna design. Draw the bold pattern on the finger and then draw the dots and lines on other fingers gives the stunning look.

Stylish Ring and Circular Pattern on Hand 2020

Draw the round pattern on the back side of your hand and draw the ring patterns on your hand. Its seems awesome design and most of the girls design on their hands on engagement parties.

This is the perfect and fabulous mehndi design. For this you draw the curve lines on the fingers.

Heart Ring Mehndi Design 2020

Here the new and stylish Heart pattern ring mehndi design. Just draw the round design and then draw an heart in the middle of it. This Heart Ring Mehndi Design is extraordinary and dashing style of all the styles. Just simply draw it on many functions just in five minutes.

Unique Ring Mehndi Design for Engagement 2020

Wow, amazing draw the simple and unique Mehndi design on casual functions. This type of Ring Mehndi design gives the advance and stylish look to your hand. Its and simple and attractive Mehndi art and colors your nails with black or red gives the awesome look.

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