Top 10 Best Mehndi Tattoo Designs 2020

Mehndi is a part of Arabs and the Indian Culture. Due to the immense popularity and its stunning mixture with different cultures and we are witnessing of different type of Mehndi. As you all of us know that, Mehndi is the essential part of Hand, arms and feet decoration, but it is also used as the temporary tattoos all over the world. Mehndi is normally the dye ink which makes the bright effect after it’s done.

Most of the Western girls use the Tattoos ink or dry ink as the part of body decoration, which does not hurt the skin or pain.

Its totally the free painful process to decorate the body. If you want to decorate your body with Mehndi tattoo, then we have the some cool and stunning mehdni designs which are given below.

The floral Pattern Tattoo Mehndi design on the back of your shoulder. This tattoo design is drawn on the back of the shoulder with the stunning pattern of flowers. This layout is suitable for all the women of any age group. One of the important thing is that, it’s the painless process.


Bridal Mehndi Tattoo Designs 2020

Most of the western brides also use the Tattoos Mehndi design on their back to look more gorgeous. It also enhances the look of your back with the Mehndi tattoo. This is the mixture of peacock and floral design to enhance the back beauty of the girl. This is the simple and attractive tattoo on the back of the bride without painful process. To enhance the tattoo on the back you can also use the beats and bindis in it. This sparkle the back and gives the stunning look. You can also use the beads and stones aside to make it more attractive on the wedding eve. You can also use this Mehndi Tattoo design on your arms.

Mermaids Tattoo Designs 2020

Most of us love the Mermaids design as tattoos. You can draw the Mehndi Mermaids tattoo design anywhere of the body.

Necklace Mehndi Tattoo Design is also one of the stunning and gorgeous tattoo. This is one of the simple and cool mehndi tattoo on your neck. It seems like the necklace and its too cute. This is also called the Arabic Mehndi Design.

Tatting Design and Patterns 2020

The red Mehndi tattoo design draw on back bottom and looks like the actual Tattoo. You can do it with the simple red mehndi without any pain.

Black Mehndi Design is one of the most demanded Tattoo in the western countries. This design also looks like the floral design and gives the stunning look.

Latest Tattoo Design of Mehndi 2020

Tattoos are not the part of the back of the body you can also draw it on your arms. Use the simple and stunning mehndi design on the arm. You can use it with the different combination and patterns on your hand. As you show in the image that, the simple flower mehndi design on the arm.

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