Top 10 Best Mehndi Design 2020 for Girls Latest Designs for Henna

Mehndi designs are one of the most important things for young ladies of all ages. The Mehndi ceremony is one of the most glamorous pre-wedding occasion that takes place a day of the wedding.

It is considered to be one of the oldest wedding traditions. Bridals won’t like wear to any ordinary or simple designs on their wedding. They want to have detailed and full embellished accessories. Especially the Mehndi designs, they choose on their special day. There are many types and design of Mehndi three of them are most well known in which the Arabic is most famous. Young ladies are very inspired by and designs for hands and feet to apply on the wedding day. Every girl needs to look gorgeous on her wedding. Without Mehndi bridal looks incomplete, so there are some Mehndi designs, discussing for a wedding.

The Foral Pattern 2020


This pattern is floral and completely fabulous. The tiny leaves accentuate the bridals fingers and a large flower design is shaded to create depth.

Fascinating Bridal Mehndi Design 2020

This Mehndi design is investigating the polish of charming wedding Mehndi. This fantastic wedding Mehndi is incredibly magnificent in its expertise. This Mehndi design is greatly marvelous for a wedding.Dark Mehndi design 2020

This Mehndi design can be done in any event. The outline on the two hands and the blossom design loaded with little and mind boggling weave examples makes it more alluring.

Large flower Mehndi design 2020

This design is basically sublime. Flower design are utilized to make this mehndi for two hands. The winding plans on fingers and also the bloom outlines that stretch out till the end hand make it a stunning method to wear floral mehndi design.

Glittery mehndi design 2020

In this sweet basic mehndi design fine henna lines are utilized rather than thick lines to add all the more itemizing to the plan. This interesting outline shapes the heart design when the hands are joined. This make it more beautiful.

Unique mehndi design 2020

This is an extraordinary Mehndi design went with flower themes. The expensive shaded blossoms are done on the back of the plan and the paisley outline cover the fingers. The lovely outline on the fingers settles on it an incredible decision for any event. The plan is so uneven so you can attempt both or simply stick to one design.

Elephant Motif 2020

The elephant mehndi is a beautiful bridal mehndi design. The thrilling and swirly designs and a particular energy to the outline, keeping the feet brightened, yet not to such a the point that the elephant go unnoticed .the elephant configuration is one of a kind and not the same as basic themes.

Crafted cuffs 2020

The primary concentrate of this example is on the many sided and thick sleeves over the wrists that are underlined by basic strokes. The trim example over the fingers highlights breathtaking flower designs while the paisleys in the middle of lead towards the geometric is an advanced look with an emphasis on the wrist, as opposed to the palm. The little mandalas behind the sleeves guarantee that your arms turn totally energized upward.

Feet mehndi design 2020

Bridals should have mehndi on most prominent part of their body which also includes their here is a mehndi design for bridal feet where you can see a lot of mehndi has been put covering the hole skin.

Back of the hand 2020

There is another stunning design for brides where you can see the most beautiful design on the back side of the hand .it has some work on the fingers which goes till the arm. The middle of the hand and the design till the arm is connected.

Flowers and leaves 2020

A design which is sure to attract a lot of people’s attention on your big day. This mehndi design on the back of the hand has beautiful circles, line, dots on the back side of the hand. The design on the fingers makes it look a little simple ye beautiful.


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