Top 10 Easy and Simple Henna Designs for Palms 2020

The Asian decoration of art is coming from ages and no one can deny even today on many occasions. Asian use the Mehndi designs for different occasions like Eid, Wedding, Diwali, Besaki, formal and informal functions.

The Henna is mostly drawing on Wedding ceremonies and Eid. Here we are discussing the Palm Mehndi Designs or Henna Styles for Palm. Every region has their own styles and variations on different occasions.

You have multi options to decorate your palms with traditional and new Palm Mehndi designs, which also be used by the western wears.

The main thing is that, Henna Designs are always needed on functions and there are too many styles and not need to go with the complicated patterns. You can easily draw the simple and easy patterns with little efforts.

We are discussing the simple Mehndi Designs for the Palms. Here you can also see the different types of Henna Designs.

Lotus Henna Designs 2020

The one of the most important and popular Mehndi Design, which is mostly used in the formal functions. You can also say it’s the floral Mehndi design type.

This design also called the happiness and joy simple. You can also draw some bales besides it and make it more and more attractive.

Arabic Henna Design 2020

If you have the best Mehndi designer, then go with this on parties. It is best and attractive design for the anniversary parties, formal parties or some casual celebrations. Most of the girls like flowers Mehndi designs and this one is the perfect match for them.

This is the simple and stylish design for decorate the hand. In this design, you see the layers of flowers and bales.  You can also draw these patterns on your both hands.

Curve Henna Design 2020

The curve Henna design is one of the simple and smooth design to draw on your hand. This design seems to like the tattoos on the hand.

It gives you the dashing look to your hand and you can draw on the wedding parties. You can also use this on any occasions. This design also called the semi circle Henna Design.

Minimalist Leaflet Henna Design 2020

Most of the bridals use this design for her wedding. This is the complete Mehndi art. It looks like simple, but it’s too much complicated. This is the best choice for the wedding parties and Eid Festivals. Just catch the designer and draw it.

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